About Us

Mission Statement

Hope Rising will create positive change through arts-related events and activities that foster education and awareness about sexual and domestic violence and, in doing so, provide aid and support to organizations whose primary mission is to serve persons affected by sexual and domestic violence in Collin County, Texas.

We are mothers, daughters, husbands, sisters, brothers, girlfriends and more, committed to stopping violence against women in all its ugly forms.

Core Beliefs

  • Art, in all its forms, has a unique power to educate and transform
  • Sexual and domestic violence cross all boundaries of race, gender and socio-economic status
  • Every person has a right to live free from sexual, mental and physical violence
  • Survivors and local law enforcement need more community action, involvement and support to identify and eradicate domestic and sexual violence

Board Members

Sarah Duc, Vanessa Fry, Molly Lake, Laura Powers, Jean Roberts, Trudy Ware, Woody Weilage

Executive Committee

President:  Lisa Miller

Vice President:  Sue Goodner

Secretary:  Ruth Stephenson